XOLO Era Software Update Advantages For Marshmallow Users


Doing Xolo Era software update is necessary due the latest Android OS, Marshmallow 6.0.1. This could be interesting to test our incredible and amazing phone like XOLO Era for using the newest OS. However, not all XOLO Era users found ease in upgrading their phone. For your information, the Android M or Marshmallow is the smartest operating system which has been released officially by Google. This OS is special because it provides high-end technology within it. Thus, this reason forces us to make this article and share it for your all out there. Check out those benefits below of this paragraph.

Without Root

We found many methods to do XOLO Era software update for Marshmallow OS. However, most of them are very difficult to be followed by normal or beginner android users. Instead, your lovely XOLO era could be damaged or broken if you do not know about the methods properly. Do not worry about it because these steps are pretty easy to follow. Moreover, it does not require rooting method for your phone so that it is safe and secure obviously. Say goodbye to the bugs and issues which could not be solved on the previous Android OS and please welcome to the highest and newest OS of Android, Marshmallow 6.0.1 for your XOLO Era.

Web Experience

The next benefit by having XOLO Era software update with Marshmallow OS is about giving you a new experience in browsing internet. The latest OS provides better quality and quantity when you browse the web via your XOLO Era. There is no more bug, crash and hot temperature during your browsing activity. In addition, your loading page is also quicker than before. Perhaps, this is the most significant change which you may find with Marshmallow. As a result, your XOLO Era will be more functional and better battery-consumption in the end.

App Menu

Lastly, we are talking about the app menu which you can find on the XOLO Era with Marshmallow 6.0.1. The new look or appearance is available through this new OS. Furthermore, you can easily look for your favorite themes and download them for your XOLO Era app menu. Google gives you some best app menu within their latest Android operating system and we all will love them so much for sure. Your phone becomes more personal than previous OS. It is worth it to install and apply for your phone. Then, what are you waiting for? The XOLO Era software update does not make you bored anymore.