Xolo Era 4G Update To Marshmallow Tutorial


Custom ROM allows the phone users to get their device Xolo Era 4G update to Marshmallow. There are so many advanced features having this new Marshmallow upgrade. There is up to 4x performance improvement, a battery saver feature extend up to 90 minutes for the device battery, faster, more powerful and smoother computing experience, ARM x86 gets 64-bit SoCs supports, amazing mobile graphics with the OpenGL ES 3.1 Android extension pack,  responsive controls, recognizable visual elements, realistic looks, and natural gesture, smarter notifications, better lost data or device protection, new encryption, better protection against malware and vulnerabilities,

Xolo Era 4G Update To Marshmallow Preparation

Here are some additional aspects first you should know before you try the custom ROM:

Make sure you back-up for your personal data properly as the installation process will wipe out your data in the device.

Before starting the customization, there should be more than 79% battery power in your device.

The USB Debugging mode should be enabled.

If the device is having difficulties during the Xolo Era 4G update to Marshmallow installation or while booting before you reboot your device, you may want to wipe dalvik or wipe cache partition.

Xolo Era 4G Update To Marshmallow Step By Step

Follow this step by step to help you install Marshmallow update into the Xolo Era 4G:

  1. Visit the website for the update and then download the Xolo Era 4G update to Marshmallow ROM for your phone by clicking the download link.
  2. Once the download completes, install the ROM Manager completely into your device. This app can be downloaded from Google Play store. You will also need to install the clockwork mod recovery.
  3. Use the USB cable to plug in your device to your computer. The ROM.zip file you have already downloaded should then be copied into your phone’s memory.
  4. You need to reboot your device in recovery mode. ROM Manager will be needed in this process.
  5. In the recovery menu, remove the whole data as well as Delvik Cache. Go back to the recovery main menu once you have done this and then pick the Flash ROM from your phone’s memory. Go to the folder where you copy the ROM.zip file. Make sure you follow the directions to install this Android Marshmallow to successfully update your device into the Marshmallow. You need to reboot your device once the installation is completed. Now the Xolo Era 4G update to Marshmallow has done and you can enjoy your fresh update.