Xolo Era 4g Software Update Downloading Instructions for Manual Method


Xolo Era 4G software update was just released by the developer recently. It means that all Era phone users are able to update their device through over-the-air update. For your information, this update is coming out in India and some other countries in Asia. The software update leads us to the newest operating system of android. It is called as Marshmallow or Android OS 6.0. This update can be received by manual update that we want to show you in this article below. Thus, you all Era users are able to update the operating system by yourself without many tools or apps.

Marshmallow Update

Perhaps, most of you still do not know the features of Xolo Era 4G software update. Here are some features that you can test on this newest operating system. This new OS brings new user-interface changes, which are more attractive and interesting for Android users. Moreover, Google also promises to give more stable performance on the RAM management and battery. In other words, this Android developer fixes some bugs and problem that occurred on the previous operating system. Based on the latest report, Marshmallow OS will save the background apps especially when the phone is in standby mode. Those are only a few features that are notably better than before. There are plenty features that you can test by yourself later.

Specs of Xolo Era

We have to show you some important specs of Xolo Era 4G software update. This is necessary since you want to get latest update for its operating system. As you can see, Xolo as the developer of this android smartphone offers the VoLTE technology or simply 4G internet connection that may bring some issues in some countries in Asia. Moreover, this phone is more exclusive than the predecessor, the Xolo Era. The pre-installed operating system of this device is Android OS 5.11 Lollipop. The developer also gave this phone the upgradable features on its OS, so that you do not need custom ROM to use Marshmallow.


It is time to download Xolo Era 4G software update. The first thing to do is by checking the current operating that you have. Go to the settings and tap on about phone menu. You will see operating system that you have. Make sure it is Android Lollipop so that you can upgrade it to Marshmallow. You also need to check the data connection before updating the software. Simply, tap on software update on the current menu and the process will be started. You need at least eighty percent of phone battery.

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