Xiaomi Qicycle Electric Bike Launched at $455


This is what you get when combining folding bikes, electric bikes and cheap together.

It is easy to not remember that Xiaomi is not just a mere smartphone company. Its recent mobile devices are considered flagship and affordable (it even gets told a lot that their smartphones are like the budget-friendly version of Apple’s). That is why the Chinese giant needs to remind the world again and again that it is actually a technololgy company, just like what it did at the launch event of its newest product in China, the Xiaomi Qicycle electric bike.

Xiaomi’s newest product is nowhere near a high-end smartphone, but it is as promising. Officially called the Xiaomi QiCycle, the bike is an electric one and made of carbon fire. It weighs around 7 kg while packing a host of sensors. Its motor is integrated into the front hub, functioning with Shimano’s 3-speed gear hub and a 250W 36V high-speed motor. Xiaomi Qicycle electric bike is also powered by Panasonic 18650 20 x 2900mAh battery, which offer the users cycle up to 45km on a full charge. The company revealed that the battery used for its first-ever e-bike is the “same battery used by Tesla.” Furthermore, the e-bike sports its own Battery Management System (BMS), developed by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi QiCycle comes with “WiCycle,” a display on the left handlebar that will show you the speed and distance traveled. It will also show you how much battery still remains on the e-bike. Furthermore, Xiaomi Qicycle electric bike packs something called “Trip Computer,” a tech that will record your speed and distance. It will also show you the power you exerted and the calories you burned while biking, and all this information will be sent to a dedicated app. The computer also has GPS navigation—that’s the standard for digital age.


The Chinese tech giant revealed that QiCycle uses its own Torque Measurement Method in order to assist the user’s pedal power. Even after the e-bike runs out of battery, the bike can still paddled with the Shimano Gear Shifters. Another thing worth mentioning is that QiCycle is foldable. The manufacturer claims that the QiCycle is a fully functional folding electric bike that is perfect for commuting. There are already folding electric bikes on today’s market, but what makes Xiaomi Qicycle electric bike different from others is the fact that it sells only at $455.