Vivo V1 Marshmallow Update Tutorial for Beginner


You will know how to upgrade vivo V1 Marshmallow update in this humble article. As we know, many Android users especially beginners do not know about this tutorial so far. For your information, this upgrade is very safe so that you do not have to worry about it since you have the backup of your data. As we know, vivo V1 has been a year now since its debut in 2015 ago. This phone is just a remarkable one at the moment even until these days. Thanks to the high-end specs of V1 obviously. Meanwhile, Marshmallow 6.0.1 is the latest OS of Android. We have to upgrade it as soon as possible before the new version is coming.

Steps Vivo V1 Marshmallow Update

We suggest you to use AutoRoot Tools app in order to follow this vivo V1 Marshmallow update tutorial. It is quite easy to find this app for your PC. Then, it is also recommended to use USB cable to connect your PC and your vivo V1. After all preparation is complete, it is the time to run the AutoRoot program and connect your phone. Open your phone then you will see a pop-up on the screen. Just simply tap OK and checklist on the always allow from this computer. Afterwards, there are several options which you can choose for the Android OS version. In this case, the latest one is Marshmallow 6.0.1. Finally, you can choose Start and wait the progress until it is completed. At last, your vivo V1 will be upgraded to the latest OS. That is all what you have to do for this tutorial. We assume that you all follow the steps and are happy with the latest OS on your vivo V1 right now.



There are some tips that we found during the vivo V1 Marshmallow update process. The first one is about rooting the device. It is recommended for you to root your vivo V1 before updating the OS. To root your phone, just use the same app with the previous steps. That is why we suggest you to download AutoRoot because this app is quite versatile and easy-to-use. Please download the latest version and install the tool on your computer or PC.


In conclusion, updating the Android OS of vivo V1 is simple and easy. We believe that you can easily follow those steps without any issue or problem. Your vivo V1 Marshmallow update will be easier if you also follow our tips above.

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