USA develops Cyborg army for battlefield


Cyborg army – The United States military is developing technology in the form of a chip implant that allows the human brain to connect and control the computer directly. If the project is successful, then the term cyborg will soon become a reality. According to CNN, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) or the US military research agency also wants this technology to help military veterans permanently disabled by the war.

“The main objective of this project is to allow humans to interact with computers directly,” said DARPA Program Manager, Phillip Alvelda. In January last, DARPA will reportedly disbursed USD62 million for this project, which is also part of the program Neural Engineering System Design. The implant chips will be very small and will be a bridge for the human brain to control the computer and making Cyborg army real.

Some military observers say that in the future this technology will bring new potential in the military field. Call it a robot or exoskeleton suit can move more dynamic because the computer can deal directly with the human brain.

Pioneering Cyborg army has been started since 2012

The development of robot technology, can be used for the benefit in various fields. When in China, a robot created one for cooking and as a waitress. While in the United States (US), the robot can be created to support the battle on the battlefield. Use of total Cyborg army and the development of technology to add to the new dimension that can be applied on the battlefield. The robot is typically used in the United States military. Unmanned aerial vehicles, first used in war intelligence. In addition, the aircraft also used in surveillance and reconnaissance missions as well as dropping shells into the enemy target area.

Not only that, the unmanned helicopter can deliver supplies to the battlefield. Robots with sophisticated sensors can also find and disable landmines. The US military this week announced the demonstration and testing of new systems that benefit the infantry. Robot assigned to help transport military equipment, in which each infantry generally bear the burden of equipment weighing 100 pounds.

Known as semi-autonomous Legged Squad Support System (LS3), this four-legged robot can menangkut goods weighing 400 pounds. Cruising range of the robot is also able to move up to a 20-mile trip. “It’s about solving real military problem, namely the extraordinary burden of equipment soldiers and marines in Afghanistan today,” said Lt. Col. Joseph K. Hitt, program manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), United States. The project continues USA developed in order to really have a Cyborg army in the future.