How to Turn Off iPhone Without Power Button


Power button is important for the iPhone users because it helps them in turning off or putting the phone into sleep mode in instant. However, in some cases, many iPhone users find something wrong with the power button. The power button does not work. So, what to do? Here are some tips on how to turn off iPhone without power button that may solve your problem.

How to Turn Off iPhone Without Power Button

Broken power button does not mean the end for iPhone users because there are some other ways to overcome it. These are 3 tips on how to start, how to reset ,and how to turn off iPhone without power button that you may like and follow.

  1. How to start iPhone without power button
  • If your power button is broken, make use a USB cable to start the iPhone. Thus, attach your phone to USB cable.
  • Then, plug in onto a computer or any other charging device.
  • You have to wait because it takes a few minutes for iPhone to get switched on. When it happens, you will find screen lights with slide bar option.
  • Last, swipe this option and your iPhone will be unlocked.
how to turn off iPhone without power button
how to turn off iPhone without power button
  1. How to reset iPhone without power button
  • After the iPhone is unlocked, tap on the settings icon.
  • Then, choose General option to find alternative and you will find Reset. Tap it open.
  • Slide the Reset Network Settings. By choosing this option, your iPhone will drain automatically.
  • You may plug your iPhone into iTunes so that it will be restarted.
  1. Turning off iPhone without power button
  • In order to turn the iPhone without power button, you need to use Assistive Touch. You can activate it in the settings menu and then choose General after that Accessibility option. Then, swipe the Assistive Option to turn it on.
  • Having Assistive Touch will make you easily turn off the phone by tapping on it and the swipe on Device option. Then, tap Lock Screen so it will make your iPhone in screen mode. After that, slide to switch off the iPhone.

Not only using Assistive Touch, you can also turn off the iPhone by using jailbroken. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. First of all, you have to install SB Settings, Shutdown or Lock to turn off the iPhone
  2. Then, enable Assistive Touch just like the previous tips. The difference is in jailbroken method you will directly have Shutdown or Lock option.

The effect of broken power button affects some important function of the iPhone in power off mode. Those are 3 tips that can be followed to solve the problem caused by broken power button, including how to turn off iPhone without power button.