How to Transfer Apps to New iPhone


When you buy a new iPhone or replace a newer model, you may transfer apps to new iPhone so there is no need to bother to download. To move existing apps, iPhone 5+ users can switch using the iCloud, while older iPhone model users can use iTunes.

Transfer Apps to New iPhone using iCloud

iCloud itself is an online storage provided by Apple. This will make it easier for users to save some backup data in there. You can also use this to help you transfer your apps. Here are the steps to transfer apps to new iPhone using iCloud.

transfer apps to new iPhone
transfer apps to new iPhone
  1. Take the old iPhone which apps needs to be transferred.
  2. Tap ‘Settings’.
  3. Tap ‘iCloud’.
  4. Tap ‘Storage and Backup’.
  5. Make sure that the iCloud backup option is in the ‘On’ position and the time displayed next to the ‘Last Backup’ is earlier.
  • If the iCloud is currently in the “Off” position, switch the option to “On.” Your device will start backing up all personal data and apps stored on the phone to iCloud.
  • If you miss the iCloud setup process in the first time you set up your device, you can sign up for iCloud by tapping on “Settings” and selecting “iCloud”.
  • You will be prompted to activate iCloud using Apple ID and password.
    1. Put the old iPhone. Then grab your new iPhone where the apps will be stored.
    2. Enable the new iPhone and complete the initial setup process. You will be prompted to specify certain information such as language and country, Wi-Fi network, and more.
    3. Select “Restore from iCloud Backup” when prompted to select data and app options during the setup process.
    4. Tap “Next”, and then enter your Apple ID and password into the fields provided.
    5. Select the date and time of your latest iCloud backup, then press “Restore.” The new iPhone will start recovering all personal data and apps previously stored on the old iPhone device.
    6. Wait until the new iPhone reboots after it finishes restoring the data. After the phone has restarted, your phone is ready to use with the applications restored from your old iPhone device.


You cannot restore backups from the new iPhone to the older iPhone with older iOS versions. To be able to do this, make sure you update the software by going to “Settings”, tapping “General”, and then selecting “Software Update”. You will be able to install a new Apple update.

Perform these steps to transfer apps to new iPhone appropriately so that all the transferred apps can work optimally. Furthermore, note also the warnings given above so you know what things to avoid during the process.