Tips to Install Samsung Galaxy E7 Update Marshmallow


As of the time this articles was compiled, Google reported that at least 15% of global android users are using Marshmallow version. This version is actually the successor for Lollipop and offers many new features, such as more security, guest user, better usage for multi-screens, and many more.

For users of older android phones, including Samsung Galaxy E7, Marshmallow may come out a little bit late than for others. But now, you can actually get Samsung Galaxy E7 Update Marshmallow so that you can experience those new features with your old phone. Here are some ways that you might want to try to do it.

How to Install Samsung Galaxy E7 Update Marshmallow

The easiest one to do the update is to install it right from the official source. To do this, please charge your phone until it has a full battery condition. Full battery will make it safer for you to do the upgrade since you don’t need to worry that it will be canceled or failed in the middle of the process. Also, your connection should be good and fast enough to download the update files from Samsung.


To do the update, go directly to your phone setting and find the menu of About Phone. Inside this section, you will be able to find system update that will check whether there is update available for Samsung Galaxy E7. The update process may require you to download a large file; this is why you will need good internet connection and good battery.

But if the update is not available yet for your phone because of various reasons, such as different variants of ROM or locality, you still can experience the Android Marshmallow by installing Marshmallow Launcher. This app will make the appearance of your phone look no different than the real Android 6.0.1 along with material design. You can simply get this from Google Play.

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