The Advantages of Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Update Marshmallow


Coming out a few years ago as one of the choices for mid-range smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is still being used by many people nowadays. This might be caused by a lot of reasons, including the Samsung brand of the phone, build quality or the affordable price it offers for customers. But Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Update Marshmallow has not been seen in quite a while, even though many other variants of Samsung phone have gotten their update.

If you own this phone, you will not have to worry a lot, because the update is now available and to roll for Galaxy Grand Prime users. Many people doubted that the upgrade will come for this particular phone since the specification could be a little less than enough. For your information, Galaxy Grand Prime is using 2 GB or RAM and also 2 GHz of processors, which is actually enough to run Android Marshmallow.

There are many advantages that you can get by using Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Update Marshmallow for your phone. Some of the important ones include Doze Mode, which is the feature that will put the phone into deep sleep mode that will conserve energy and make you have longer battery life. Meanwhile, Google Now will also be updated to bring you easier access to Google personal assistant software. Other that those, you will also enjoy many improvements, such as flawless Android Pay, direct share software and also simpler controls for device and media volume.


The great thing about this Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Update is that the process to complete the whole steps of updating is pretty simple. You can simply install the zip file of marshmallow update by entering to Recovery Mode. Make sure that you have placed the zip file inside your SD card. Also, install Google App packages to make it easier for you to access Google services, such as Google Play Store.