TechGuy Case: Why Wont My Iphone Backup?


No one wants to ask:”why wont my iPhone backup?”. Without this basic option, the users should be worried about their data. Don’t forget that that there are only two storage options for iPhone: iCloud and iTunes. Since many users favor iCloud to iTunes, knowing the emergency steps to save your data would be essential.

Why Wont My iPhone Backup?

The last thing to want to read on your phone screen after backing up process is “iPhone backup failed”, “The last backup could not be completed”. or “There was a problem enabling iCloud backup”. Just like you expected, the data is not upgraded yet. The question is: why wont my iPhone backup?

why wont my iphone backup
Why Wont My Iphone Backup?

The Reasons

In order to let the backing up data flows smoothly, you have to double check several obligated conditions. Among all the causes, two of them are found more often than the others.

Offline Mode

iCloud is one of those online storage that requires stable internet connection. When it is time to back up your data, allow the Wi-Fi connection or mobile data sets to active.

No Storage Left

Don’t forget that iCloud only provides 5GB free spaces for all its users. Once you exceed the space, the backup process will be delayed. Solve this problem by upgrading your monthly plan.

Enough Power Supply

In order to copy your existing data to iCloud, you are going to need enough battery bars. If the phone is turned off during the process, then you will need to repeat the backup steps once the battery is full.  For convenience purpose, charge your phone beforehand.

Active Screen

You should have known soon after purchasing the Apple product, that multi-tasking is not one of iPhone thing. It also applies for data backup. Let the machine does its job and turn the screen off.


iPhone new owner might also have similar backup problem. This time, it is simply because you haven’t set the system to perform data back up to work automatically.  Go to Setting bar and fill in the required IDs. Then you will be redirected to iCloud page. Tap on “iCloud Backup”. Now you are good to go.

Normally, backing up data should be done weekly or based on preferred time. Otherwise, you might lose your data. Notice the missing points that could stop the backing up data processing. No more ”why wont my iphone backup?” question from now on.