Sniper Elite 4 Review, Release Date and download


Series shooting game Sniper Elite has reached the 4th series. Through its latest announcement, developer Rebellion announced plan to launch Sniper Elite 4 is scheduled for release before the end of 2016. The plan Sniper Elite 4 will slide across multiple platforms at once, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. According to inside information, setting time in Sniper Elite 4 is not much different from before, namely in 1943.

Only, when Sniper Elite 3 takes place in the middle of African conflicts, Sniper Elite 4 is in Italy in the same year. The main character is still the same, who else if not the sniper Karl Fairburne. “Secret Agent and sniper Karl Fairburne have to fight with a man and a woman warrior Italy to help free their country from oppression by the Fascists. And defeat new threats scary,” wrote Rebellion in a statement quoted from Softpedia, Wednesday (9/3 / 2016).

Gameplay Sniper Elite 4 is the same as the previous one, where the movement crept (stealth) and a remote attack is the key factor of this game. All buildings and locations in Sniper Elite 4 is also similar to the one created in that period. Although said to be released before the end of the year, Rebellion did not give a timetable for sure when the game launched. However, when referring to the release of the previous series in July, it is likely that Sniper Elite 4 release in the fall of 2016 or the range in September to November 2016.


Sniper Elite 3 sold for almost 10 millions copies

The developer announced that their previous Elite Series are sold on the market or sold to more than 10 million copies worldwide. Happy news was immediately announced by the founder and CEO of Rebellion, Jason Kingsley, recently that the game Sniper Elite series see-through sales to more than 10 million copies.

“Thank you so much you have to buy the whole of our games, so if you’ve bought one or already bought all products Sniper Elite us?” Said Jason Kingsley, launched from Game Spot, Wednesday (30/2). Jason also added that this is very fantastic achievement, especially appropriate on this day is the birthday of the 10th or the day on which their first official game series released to the market on 30 September 2005.

In addition to fulfilling achievements Sniper Elite 3, the presence of Sniper Elite 4 is expected to be an antidote thirst for gamers who want to experience the adventure advanced. They will get the same support in the latest series of the game.