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SM G130h Lollipop Tutorial with Flash Tool


SM G130h Lollipop is a real thing right now. Although some users of this Samsung Galaxy Young 2 still doubt about this operating system, we will prove about it right here and right now. People do not believe that their Galaxy Young 2 cannot use the Lollipop OS since the specs of this device does not meet any requirement. We will elaborate the specs of this phone in other segment later. It is just like a mission impossible for some users. Do not worry about it because we will give you the steps of how to install Lollipop OS for your GalYoung 2.

SM G130h Lollipop Specs

The specifications of SM G130h Lollipop are nearly impossible since this phone has just 1.0 GHz of single core processor and 512Mb of RAM. For your information, the minimum RAM or memory of this 5.0 operating system is not recommended for low-end smartphone just like Samsung Galaxy Young 2’s RAM. Thus, it requires more RAM and better core for its processors. The current operating system which we found on GY2 is version 4.4.2 or simply called as KitKat. Of course, some GY 2 users imagine using the 5.0 Android OS these days. Check out our method to fix this issue below.


The first step for SM G130h Lollipop is by downloading the tools such as PC USB-driver and Flash tool before going to the next step. Afterwards, select the type and model that you want to use. Create a new folder to make you handle them easier. Once all tools are ready, it is your time to switch off your GY2 or SM-G130H without connecting it to your computer. Then, connect the USB to your PC and open device manager. You will see your computer will notify you about a new device has found. After that, click on your computer “update driver”. It will update the USB driver on your computer. This is the end of preparation instructions. Let us go to the installation steps below.


How To Install Lollipop

Since the update driver phase has done, it is time to launch Flash tool on your computer. We suggest you to use the latest version of it for better result. The window will pop out the tool and you should choose the path where you save your device. After that, check the checkbox and select Upgrade for SM-G130H icon to install and flash your for several minutes. You will see a green circle once it has finished and your SM G130h Lollipop is ready to use.