Setting up Chromecast on PC: Newbie Guide


Chromecast is a device that enables you to stream video content to your TV or you can set your computer to be able to stream the video content from the Chrome browser. If you are interested with it, setting up Chromecast on PC is pretty easy to do.

Setting up Chromecast on PC

Setting up Chromecast on PC is easy and you just need to follow these steps carefully. First, you need to update your Chrome into the latest version. Go to Settings and choose About Google Chrome and update your Chrome to the latest version.

Setting up Chromecast on PC
Setting up Chromecast on PC

Secondly, type in the Chrome browser on your computer. After you have directed on the menu, click the Set up your Chromecast using this computer menu in it. Then after you choose it, Chrome will search for Chromecast devices that should be set up.

After the Chromecast find the devices, click the device. It should be the same as the device presented on your TV such as ChromecastXXXX. Then, click Set Me Up menu on it.

By choosing this option, the Chromecast device will produce a Wi-Fi hotspot and the setup will automatically connect to it. If it has not connected automatically, you need to connect the Chromecast to your PC manually using the Wi-Fi menu on your PC. If it is done successfully, then click next to move to the next step.

Then, you will see a code on your PC and your TV, both codes should be matched and you need to click Yes. If the codes are different, you need to click No and repeat the previous steps. After it has been connected, change the name of your Chromecast or you can use the default one and you also need to choose your country. Then, click Looks Good.

The next step to do is to choose your Wi-Fi network, and to do this, you need to click the upside down arrow. Then enter the password and click Connect. After that, the setup will connect to your Wi-Fi. If this step is not successful, you need to choose the same Wi-Fi name like the previous step and you need to make sure that it is already connected to be able to continue the setup.

After it has been completed, you will see a list which shows your available cast devices. Then, you will ready to cast from your computer browser. Setting up Chromecast on PC is pretty easy, isn’t it?