Samsung Smart Necklace Allowing Us to Talk with Hologram UI


See the new Samsung Smart Necklace. United States Patent Agency published a new patent filed by Samsung. South Korean companies that make smart necklace. This clever necklace can be turned into a wireless headset to listen to music or as a communication tool that can be called.

This kind of bluetooth headset is not something new. Some vendors such as LG and Sony also has a device with similar functionality. Which makes Samsung different devices, its ability to project the user interface (UI) in the form of a 3D hologram. “Display hologram image will appear in 3D in front of the user by utilizing the interference of light,” according to the patent description. Public curiosity about Samsung Smart Necklace encourage them to ask questions directly to the Samsung, of great hopes came to help them get help.

As in science fiction movies, projection UI will be as in the air. This projection will allow users to navigate select menu. Samsung notes, the device uses a highly flexible material such as silicone. It added that this clever necklace can recognize the user’s operational with a light sensor and a proximity sensor that can function to answer the phone only with simple hand movements. Wireless headphones and Level Gear Circle U Samsung currently has a similar design to the smart new necklace patented. But the two are not perfectly round shape around the neck, but has an open side.


Not yet known whether what will happen in the finished Samsung Smart Necklace product. Because often some of the technology only to end up in the form of a patent without ever mass produced. Later, necklaces clever Samsung will have a great ability to turn into a headset that has a variety of functions, such as mendengerkam music and receive calls. Although it sounds incredible, but in fact the project is simply superb. Nevertheless, LG and Sony is already developing a necklace that has almost the same functionality. Previous Samsung itself has also been released Gear Level Circle and U, and looks like a necklace with the same functionality.

But the most interesting part of this necklace ability is the development of User Interface or UI in the form of a 3D hologram as seen in sci-fi movies. So, this projection looks like a visual UI hovering in the air and we could interact with the hologram are displayed as in movies. You will feel the experience to talk to Jarvis. But, do not be in too hopeful before the tool is mass-produced. Samsung has not yet released the news of the launch of the Samsung Smart Necklace so you must be patient enough to wait.