Samsung Pay vs Apple Pay: Yes, It is Different


Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are actually different although both of them are mobile payment solution. Samsung Pay is launched not even a year after Apple Pay was released. Both of them are categorized as digital wallets. However as the brand name, Samsung Pay can be accessed by Samsung devices only while Apple Pay can be accessed by Apple devices only. Actually the purpose is the same, which is to help people in doing online payment. So, let’s see the difference of Samsung pay vs. Apple pay.

Samsung Pay vs Apple Pay

It sounds the same and actually has the same purpose. Nonetheless, it offers two difference services. In this case, Samsung pay vs. Apple pay differences will be determined by several things.


Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are only compatible with Apple device and Samsung green-light. Apple Pay is only compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus and above. Meanwhile for Samsung Pay, it will be compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6 and above.

Samsung pay vs. Apple pay
Samsung pay vs. Apple pay


Because it is a mobile payment, security is totally important factor that requires serious attention. There are two important hardware plays including Secure Element and device access. Samsung Pay’s security requires fingerprint when doing each transaction. It is the most secure way to prevent any cheat. Furthermore in this case, Apple pay has the same thing like Samsung Pay.

Transaction Data

Transaction data is great value. It is important for both Samsung and Apple to tread with tracking and also data usage. Samsung Pay has unclear tracking and storing data while Apple is very direct because they do not track or store the purchase data.

Ease of Use

Doing a payment by using smartphone will not take a longer time like credit card. Because of that reason, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay offers fast payment and it is very easy to use. In using Apple Pay for a payment, you have to tap the phone to the payment terminal and then scan your finger even if the phone is locked. In other words, the friction is very little during the transaction. In using Samsung Pay, you need to choose the credit card and then scan your fingerprint before tapping the phone to the terminal.

Mobile payment requires the use of NFC. Therefore when it comes to Samsung pay vs Apple pay, it seems that Samsung pay will work in more places. In other words, you may use Samsung Galaxy S6 with any old terminal. Isn’t it convenient?