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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review and specification


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the generation that is still considered as a colleague with the Galaxy S6. Not much different from the handset, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review brings the flexible concept because of curved screen. Therefore, you do not need to be surprised, as you will be stylish with so flexible device screen. But a little different with the Galaxy S6 that has 5.5 inch screen, a new species of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge brings the smaller screen size, about 5.1 inches. Besides the brightness, based on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review, it is so fantastic. A screen resolution is so big and it is combined with a good density and diversity of colors that can create more visual impression. Capacitive touchscreen used also automatically brings multitouch capabilities. By doing so, the command by using multi-finger can be used. Meanwhile, the physical design of the Galaxy S6 Edge has good and high quality tools. This smartphone is also equipped with Gorilla Glass. This kind of Gorilla Glass especially the latest version is no doubt. Rough scratches from your hand that occur for example because you carry carelessly will be resolved through these technologies easily. Phone screens and cracks will be resolved with anti-scratch protection. How do you think, still doubt the physical durability of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge?


Do not stop at the so attractive design concept, coupled maximum physical endurance, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review also swings qualified power. Samsung is again using chipsets made by Samsung Electronics itself, namely Exynos 7420 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The chipset itself is already used by Samsung, on several previous productions. There are interesting with the use of this type of chipset. Previously, for the Galaxy S6, Samsung actually will use the good chipset. 3 GB RAM which is presented on this specie certainly will also make it works maximally. Running a variety of applications will not be such an issue, because of its relatively large RAM capacity. HD running game is not something to be feared.

Up here, are you more in love with this smartphone? We’ve seen the physical design and its performance, then you will be more interested in other things. For example is the memory capacity. For this one, you are given the choice to determine your own internal memory capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review. You can now determine the maximum memory capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.