Samsung E7 Update Marshmallow Download


Samsung has been persistently releasing Marshmallow updates for a lot of their phones. Now, their users can finally enjoy the new features of Android 6.0.1 on their phone. There are actually many new upgraded features that will be brought by this version of Android, including improvements for flex storage, menus for your app and search bar, better experience on Android Run Time and many more.

Samsung E7 itself is an Android phone that was released back in February 2015, so the original ROM is not based on Android Marshmallow yet. But by simply installing the Samsung E7 Update Marshmallow Download, the phone is now able to obliterate some bugs that might be found on the phone. Here are some methods that you can try to update it.

Methods on How to Get Samsung E7 Update Marshmallow Download

There are two main methods that you can do to get the Android 6.0.1 update for your Samsung E7. Namely, the first one is to get the download from the official source of Samsung ROM repository. With this, you can simply go to your phone setting, click about phone and choose system update from the available menus. Then, your phone will usually check the availability of updates. Press yes if you want to update your phone and your upgrading will start in a moment.



Make sure that your phone is fully charged to ensure you that the process will go smoothly. If your phone died in the middle of upgrade, the system could be broken or even completely bricked.

If the Android update for Samsung E7 has not yet available, you may want to try downloading Marshmallow launcher for your phone. This app will offer a very similar look for your phone so that you can try having Android 6.0.1 system on your phone. Simply do this by installing the app from Google Play or download the APK file from the internet and open it on your phone.

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