Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo for Android and iOS


Ready to Get Addicted to Another Game by Crossy Road’s Publisher?

Everyone who plays games on their mobile must be familiar with Crossy Road, a simple yet addictive game with all the fun characters. Now, you will be happy to hear that you get to play the latest game from Yodo1, the developer of Crossy Road, on your very Android. Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo for Android and iOS is now available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store, guys!

Brought by Yodo1 and the game developer Featherweight Games, Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo Safari is a game that is somewhat similar to Crossy Road, with all the iconic blocky graphics and endless runner. The game is just as fun and addictive, but in Rodeo Stampede, you get to chase and rope exotic animals to care for and exhibit at your own zoo. Where else you can jump on the back of various beasts and tame them only in a matter of seconds?

You can find two segments in the Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo for Android and iOS: endless runner and park manager. Your character is a cowboy wearing a hat and quipped with a lasso, and it is your job to catch and befriend the animals while avoiding both the flora and fauna obstacles at all costs. It is game over if you hit anything, so make sure that your aim doesn’t suck.


Each stampede has its goals, and the captured animals are taken to your flying zoo. Yes, don’t forget that the game’s called Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo Safari; it is part rodeo and part zoo safari on a flying airship. As a park manager, you will need to manage the zoo and increase the level and value of the enclosures. You can also upgrade your zoo and bring in new beasts and more visitors, after increrasing your income. You play this second segment just like you’d do in any theme park games on the Play Store.

Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo for Android and iOS is a simple, cute and addictive game, typical of Yodo1 mobile games, and the publisher is hoping for it to gain popularity as much as its older sibling. Crossy Road did manage to achieve 50 million downloads in the first three months since the game entered Google Play and Apple App Store. Who knows if Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo for Android and iOS would be as popular as Crossy Road?