Review of Bang and Olufsen Headphones


With the headphone, people can listen to the voice more freely. It can be with any level of volume or hear any sound, anytime, and anywhere. The privacy can be maintained. Another advantage is soundproof. Sound from the outside does not disturb sign and vice versa. Sound isolating earphones also plays an important role here apart from privacy. Bang and Olufsen headphones have long been known as a manufacturer of top audio product class that combines great performance and beautiful design. Now they present many products that are intended for workers who work in a professional music studio.

To produce the best sound experience, Bang and Olufsen headphones have conducted extensive research on the shape and curvature of the human ear. This research is conducted to find the best geometry to minimize sound leakage and present a musical detail at any volume level. The products are designed using materials of high quality anodized aluminum, making it more resistant to scratches while keeping it light weight. For design, the products collaborate with designers from many other countries that design the form and other. Differences in design make these headphones have different characters. The voice characters in the form of headphones are more reliant upon clear midrange and treble and bass alloys are balanced. Bang and Olufsen uses special 40mm driver that has the perfect angle in terms of distance and direction of the sound to the ear. This product also has an internal bass port for deep bass performance. The design is not only beautiful, but also luxurious. Besides using aluminum, B & O utilizes New Zealand sheep leather material for cushions so users will feel comfortable and not too hot if the lingering use. Its weight is light, about 230 grams.



Overuse or too forced to wear the Bang and Olufsen headphones will cause damage to hearing loss even reached the stage of deafness. Moreover, the headset is usually used to set as hard to fight the noise from the outside that we normally use in places crowded or noisy. It is very risky. Deafness affects people already getting early. Early on the ear often use headphones do not feel anything, but when they want to unplug the headphone, ear buzzing hot and intense. This occurs due to the exhaustion of the cochlea, which plays an important role in the process of hearing. Cochlear fatigue that occurs continuously and does not promptly treated can cause permanent hearing loss. For people with normal hearing, audiogram lies between zero and 20 decibels. On top of that figure, meaning the ear condition is not good anymore. It can only be treated with therapy by giving special medication that reduced levels of deafness, but this treatment only reduces interference and does not cure it. This is because the ear is damaged hair cells in the organ of the inner ear that catches the stimulus or the sound frequency. When this section is disturbed and broken, then it will not be back to normal again.