How to Recover Documents in Word: Newbie Guide


Imagine that you are in the middle of working on your job using Word, and suddenly the program closes and forces closed your document. In this state, you have not saved your document yet and you have made a lot of progress. Then, you need to think on how to recover documents in Word.

How to Recover Documents in Word

Documents in Word may get lost because of corrupted system, virus, or even power failure. You do not need to worry since there are some ways on how to recover documents in Word that you can do.

how to recover documents in Word
how to recover documents in Word

If you are using Word 2010 and above, there is a feature that lets you create a temporary draft from each document you create. The draft will be available for 4 days, and after 4 days, it will be deleted.

  1. Open the Word and choose File menu.
  2. You will see a dropdown menu and choose Version at the bottom of the menu.
  3. After you have chosen the Version, then choose Recover Unsaved Documents.

If you do this solution, you will be provided with all drafts you have made and you can choose the lost document to be opened and saved. If this solution does not work, you can do the following solution. The second solution for recovering your lost documents is from Autosave. This solution is beneficial to prevent such incident to happen can be done for Word 2010 and below.

  1. If you have not enabling your Autosave, go to File menu.
  2. From the dropdown menu, choose Option menu.
  3. Choose Save tab and change the Save AutoRecovery Information Every to less every 1 minute and choose OK to confirm your action.
  4. If the document is lost, you just need to re-launch Word and the file will be automatically restored in the Document Recovery tab.
  5. Open the document you want and you can edit it or save it manually.

Or if this solution does not work, you can locate the temporary file with .tmp extension in your computer. To do it, you just need to go to your files directory C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Word and you can find your temporary files there.

Losing your documents is not the end of the world if you know how to recover documents in Word. The important thing here is not to get panic and try some solutions until you recover your documents.