How Do I Put Music on My iPhone? Step-by-step Guide


iPhone is different with Android smartphone in term of putting music on. Android users may not find any difficulty in putting music on the Android phone because you only need to transfer it from a computer or download it freely through the phone. On the other hand, it is quite complex to put music on iPhone. Therefore, you may question yourself “how do I put music on my iPhone?” Here, the question will be answered.

How Do I Put Music on My iPhone Using iTunes and Apple Music

Apple device is supported with official Apple software, including iTunes and Apple Music. Both of that software will help you in putting music on your iPhone. Thus, no more “how do I put music on my iPhone”. Here are several steps that you can follow according to the software that you choose.

  1. Using iTunes
  • Open iTunes on the computer
  • Then, attach or connect your iPhone to the computer by using iPhone cable
  • Open the “Library” options and you will find some categories of music such as artists, songs, genres, albums, and recently added songs. After that, choose one of the categories based on your preference.
  • Then, click and drag an item onto your iPhone’s name. After that, drop it onto your iPhone.
  • Finally, you just need to wait for the music to finish uploading.
how do I put music on my iPhone
how do I put music on my iPhone
  1. Using Apple Music
  • First of all, open the iPhone’s settings
  • Scroll down until you find Music and then tap it
  • Then, slide the Show Apple Music right to the on position. Do the same thing with iCloud Music Library
  • After that, tap Keep Music when it is prompted
  • Slid Automatic Downloads right to the on position and then press the iPhone’s home button.
  • Open Music and then tap Search.
  • Next, tap Apple Music and the write song, album or artist name.
  • Choose Search and then tap add to the right of a song

Putting Music without iTunes

If you do not want to use iTunes to import songs to your iPhone, there is another way to do it so. You can use another cloud services, one of them is Google Play Music. Although your phone is not Android, it is possible for you to use Google Play Music to put music on the iPhone. You do not need to pay even if you stream the entire music library. You can have Google Play Music by downloading it freely from the App Store.

So, how do I put music on my iPhone? It is necessarily not that complicated. There are many ways that can help you to do it. Having iPhone does not mean that you cannot enjoy your favorite music.