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Playing the Fun Pokemon Games


Pokemon games are one game which is now much in demand by everyone. There are several kinds of this game and one them is the Pokemon FireRed / LeafGreen or often abbreviated FRLG. This is a remake of a couple pair of first and Red & Blue Pokemon game Version. FRLG is made on third-generation of Boy Advance machines so the picture and sound quality are better than the first version that is black and white. Besides better video audio quality, FRLG have significant differences from the Red & Blue where there are new territories and new adventures that could be explored by the player, which features Sevii Islands. The story is even deeper, a little different than the Red & Blue. It’s up to you guys that you want to play a version which is essentially good for FireRed and LeafGreen that has same storyline and the gameplay. What distinguishes, are two possible titles, mascot and also exclusive Pokemon.

There are two ways of playing this game through the machine and through the original GBA emulator that lets you play it on the computer. There are two types of popular emulator that you can use to play this game called Visual Boy Advance (VBA) and the No $ GBA. It is strongly recommended to download the ROM game that works well for both types emulator. For those of you who play this game in the VBA emulator, make sure you download supplied ROM. Pokemon LeafGreen ROM is provided in the VBALink emulator that is already included in it which lets you make a trade. While Pokemon FireRed ROM is not included in it but certainly it is clean and can be played smoothly in VBA.


You are a boy or girl, depending on your choice at the beginning of the game. Pallet town is a place that you live in where you are in the Pokemon world and adventure began. You will wake up in your room, come down, talk with your mother and you will know if Professor Oak was looking for you. So go out and visit the laboratory of Professor Oak. Unfortunately, Professor Oak is not in place, so you go around the city streets Pallet, go north where there is grass there and when you go there. Hey, it’s the old man, Professor Oak to stop you! Professor Oak takes you into the lab. There is already waiting for your rival, which is none other than the grandson of Professor Oak, a tad naughty. Professor Oak will give one of three Pokemon options on the table for you so you can start a journey as Pokemon trainer to become league champions of Pokemon, Pokemon Master!