One Plus 3 Dash Charge Binary to be Released by End of July


One Plus launches a $399 flagship smartphone, One Plus 3 with Dash Charge

One Plus seems to practise an aggressive marketing these days, trying to catch up with the older brands. It does have good quality products to offer after all, and the newest report says that the brand has come up with a new charging solution for its next generation smartphone. It is reported that One Plus has launched a flagship smartphone which comes in the form of One Plus 3. This time around, the company presents us its new smartphone with selected blend of specs for best overall experience. One feature of One Plus 3 that is worth to be the highlight though, is the new fast charging tech called Dash Charge. Yes, it isn’t Quick Charge; it is One Plus 3 Dash Charge.

One Plus decides to call its new fast charging solution Dash Charge for a reason. The Chinese OEM claims it to have the ability to super charge the One Plus 3 up to 60% of battery in just 30 minutes. Apparently, One Plus’ own dedicated rapid charging tech is a licensed version of Oppo’s VOOC—One Plus simply tweaked some code on its device. Dash Charge is exclusive to One Plus, meaning that other ROMs cannot work with the tech. Furthermore, you will need a speacial code on your One Plus 3 Dash Charge and on the hardware in the adapter. This means that the custom ROMs would not be able to support One Plus’ newest charging tech—at least not until One Plus releases the code.


At the moment, One Plus 3 will work with any ROM built especially for it at standard speed. Even if you plug your One Plus into a Dash Charge cable, nothing would happen because the code does not contain the VOOC features yet. One Plus has announced that the One Plus 3 Dash Charge binary will be released by the end of July. Another thing to note though, the tech will not be completely open source. That is quite saddening, but it is still better than not having Dash Charge at all. Let’s just hope that the dash charging will be as impressive as promised, especially after the challenge One Plus has made us gone through. So, are excited with the upcoming binary code for One Plus 3 Dash Charge?