Noob Guide on Best Fallout 4 Mods Xbox One


Fallout is one of the best games of the world today that carries the post-apocalyptic theme. Fascinating graphical and sound elements, coupled with an exciting game-play make this game loved by many fans, until its fourth series was made recently. The game becomes more interesting with the best Fallout mods Xbox One.

Best Fallout Mods Xbox One

The best Fallout mods Xbox One are made for you who are less satisfied with the look and the default gameplay. Here is the list of the best mod set for Fallout.

best fallout 4 mods xbox one
best fallout 4 mods xbox one

Best Fallout Mod Set on Xbox One

Remote Explosives

Using explosives for fun in Fallout is practically very little. Therefore, Remote Explosive mod can be the best recommendation for you to play. This mod provides various types of explosives, such as C4, IED’s, plasma charges, and more that can be pasted or dropped, and detonated using the remote. If you have ever played GTA San Andreas, where players can stick bombs at people and vehicles, this mod is like that.

Fusion Gun

Do you often get abundant fusion cores? You can use it to make bullets for this new weapon, which is a completely new model. Fusion Gun first comes with a pistol model, but once you get it, you can make it into any type of weapon you want, from sniper rifle to shotgun to assault rifle.

Doombased Weapon Merged

In the meantime, the DOOM modders have created a cool weapon for Fallout in Xbox, especially Fallout 4. Now you can find ten of them in one place. There will be assault rifles, MAC-11 machine gun, Desert Eagle, and even a replica of Deckard’s PKD Detective Special from Blade Runner.

True Frags

For those of you who like to use explosives in a game, surely the explosion effect with debris scattered everywhere becomes one thing you want to see. Not just explosions, frag mines and frag grenades, bottlecap mines, MIRV grenades, and baseball grenades will throw projectile into the air that make anyone affected by the debris will be hurt.

Armorsmith Extended

Are you not looking cool with leather gear, and rusty metal? Why you do not coat your characters with neat clothes? In this mod, the outfit will replace the entire armor you use, even in the head area without reducing the effect of the armor.

The list of the best Fallout mods Xbox One above are made to satisfy your playing desire with more complete features. You can try one or all mods from this list to spoil yourself.