What You Need to Know Before Switching from Windows to Mac


Sometimes, switching from Windows to Mac is needed. It can be for your new job or other important things you need to do with Mac. Don’t fret. It isn’t that hard to switch. If this is your first time, the following guide should help you out.

Switching from Windows to Mac: First Things First


The first step in switching from Windows to Mac is to find the dock. Dock is an important part of MacOS. It’s like the ‘Start Menu and Taskbar’ that is also available in Windows.

Switching from Windows to Mac
Switching from Windows to Mac

Learn some basic differences between Windows and Mac. For example, we can start with the windows controls. In MacOS, the window controls are on the left. In addition, the use of mouse control is also different. To set it, you can change the settings by right clicking, then click System Preferences > Mouse.

Learn the keyboard shortcuts on Mac. The difference between Windows and Mac can also be seen on their keyboard shortcuts. If you’re used to use the ‘Ctrl’ key in Windows, then on Mac you’ll use the ‘Command Key’ button. In addition, the function of the ‘F1-F16’ button will also be found on the Mac keyboard with different functions than in Windows.

Learn to use ‘Finrtcuts on a Mac.ween Windows and Mac.___________________________________________________________________________der’. Finder in Mac works just like ‘File Explorer’ in Windows, where all files can be found. Then, don’t forget to understand the terms it uses, such as ‘Program Files’ is ‘Applications’, ‘My Documents’ is ‘Home’, etc.

Familiarize yourself on the Menu on Apple’s Mac devices. This menu can be seen on the top left of the desktop with the Apple logo as a marker. This button also works when you search for option to shut down the computer, force quit application, access the System Preferences, etc.

Identify which apps that works when you use the menu bar. In MacOS, the menu bar can be found at the top of the screen. In addition, the menu always appears with bold words to set its preference.

Learn to kill crashed programs. If you experience a crash on your Mac, you can turn off the program by pressing ⌘ Command + S to secure your file. Then, you can drag the program to the icon in the dock until a pop-up appears. Click Force Quit.

Take advantage of System Preference. This can be done by clicking the Apple Menu, then select ‘System Preferences’. You can set your Mac look as you wish.

Switching from Windows to Mac can be a little tough at first, but you’ll get the hang of it fast. Despite the many differences that can be found in the operation of these two operating systems, all of these are intended to make it easier for you to work.