Mirror’s Edge Catalyst trailer released, Thief will soon be adapted on Movies


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst release a few months away. No wonder that EA began to continue to release new trailer to promote it. More recently, EA also released two trailers Mirror’s Edge: The latest Catalyst. The second trailer shows how the main character Faith fights and moves on in the new game.

In the first trailer, titled “Combat”, EA showed how she faced her enemies. Broadly speaking, the battle system is very similar to Mirror’s Edge first released in 2008.

This time, she still relies on agility as Runner to knock out an opponent. Faith also seen many take advantage of the room and wall angle to launch a counterattack against the enemy. While the second trailer of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, “Movement” shows how Faith moves as Runner.

Somewhat different from the first game, this time she looks more movement is not restricted to certain objects that can be climbed. In the last part, she is shown as a patrol drone can take advantage of a hanging. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst  released on May 24, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Thief will soon adapted into movies

An interesting storyline of a game title is sometimes attracts filmmakers interest to pour into the form of a film. Not to forget Thief, a game made by Square Enix, which reportedly will be worked into a film? Until now there have been several game titles ready to go live to the big screen, call it Assassin’s Creed and Warcraft. Following two earlier titles, Thief apparently also want to act in the arena of film.

Thief film development plan is already wafted in the same year when the game is released. Just not heard from again until this latest report appeared. Referring to the statement of The Hollywood Reporter, from Gamespot, Monday (03/07/2016), Straight up Films has reportedly bought the rights to make a movie. As moving as the film Thief producer from none other than Roy Lee (The Departed) and Adrian Askarieh (Agent 47).


Askarieh also reinforce it with twittering on Twitter some time ago. In addition to Lee and Askarieh, unisex Adam Mason and Simon Boyes (Misconduct, Not Safe for Work), which will act as a screenwriter. Just like that shown in the game, Thief movie will also have a setting in a dark fantasy world where a powerful thief trying to restore the freedom that has been taken. Unfortunately, there is no more detailed information related to the list of performers, directors, or the release schedule of the Thief. You just wait for the presence of the Thief movies and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.