Mini Xbox One will be Released on 2016


Since first release in the 2013 until today, the Xbox One has only a variant difference in storage capacity, ie 500 GB and 1 TB. However it is said, Microsoft is reported to have prepared a new variant of the Xbox One that is ready for release in 2016. The news of Xbox One variant was stated by a Microsoft blogger named Brad Sams. According to a source statement on the site, Sams heard from internal sources that Microsoft is currently in talks and plans to release the Xbox One version which is more ‘light’.

“I heard from internal sources that the company is considering a plan to Xbox One light version, which may be just to run games in the Windows Store,” Sams said as quoted from GameNews. So, with so mini Xbox One can only run downloading games. According to the source, mini console Xbox One is prepared to compete with Apple TV. Sams also noted that this is similar to the rumors which appeared in 2013 ago, which was then Microsoft will release a similar device. Sams said that this device has a similar system. If the new model of the Xbox One is really there, then according to Sams report, the device will come out in the second half of 2016. For business, is expected to be priced at a cheaper price than Xbox One at the moment, which is below USD 350.

Unfortunately there has been no further confirmation on the part of Microsoft in this regard. “We will not comment about speculation or rumors,” Microsoft spokesman confessed when asked. In August 2015 ago, a report from a Chinese blog claims that Microsoft is working on a slim version of the Xbox One for release in October 2015. But it was rumors.


However, the public interest to the launching of mini Xbox is indeed quite remarkable. They wanted to have the latest console from Microsoft. Especially for fans of the Xbox. Xbox is being competing with Playstation 4. Both of these consoles are in pole position, followed by Nintendo. Xbox has some cool games released exclusively under the flag of the Xbox so that adds to the value of sales which is becoming increasingly high. Based on our calculation, Xbox One has really excelled over the Playstation 4 despite having only a narrow margin. Both are pursued throughout 2015 and possibly, the competition will continue until the end of 2016. In 2017, Playstation plans to release their latest consoles, Playstation 5. While the Xbox is indeed planning to release a Mini Xbox One in 2016. It is expected that the sales figures Mini Xbox One is not far adrift with a standard Xbox One.