Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date Updated


Redstone 2 Announced Surface Pro 5’s Possible Upgrade

As the name suggests, Surface Pro 5 is going to be the fifth addition to the Surface Pro siblings. The hybrids are the more powerful version of the standard Surface tablets and the four ones have been released in a pattern. Due to that lilting pattern, some of us come to think that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date would be around June – October 2016. However, Microsoft begs to differ.

It seems that the American software giant wants its fans to wait even longer for the next iteration of Surface line up. Microsoft had finally given it to the world their Redstone 2 (the codename to their wave of updates), announcing the delay of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date. Yes, we will have to wait until Spring 2017 to be able to witness the new hybrid laptop by Microsoft, the Surface Pro 5. The news may indeed sadden us, but let’s just hope that it is all for the good reasons. So, what can expect from Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and why the delay?

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Spec Rumors

Since Microsoft Surface Pro 4 arrived last year, the tablet has gained a huge success. The Surface Pro 4 is the closest to an official Windows 10 hybrid, but then again, we could not help to think that there are still rooms for improvement. Many hope that the fifth version of the Surface Pro would be kitted out with the next generation of CPUs, and a year should be enough time for Microsoft to make Kaby Lake works in their Surface Pro 5. Fortunately, Microsoft seems to think so too, although they need a little more time before revealing the upgraded Surface Pro 5.


The recent update of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date is rumored to be the result of Microsoft’s plan to develop the hybrid tablet through post Windows 10 merger. The delay is supposed to be enough time to make Surface Pro 5 powered by Kaby Lake, the 7th generation Intel processor. The rumor has it that the fifth Surface Pro will run on a processor clocked up to 4GHz, making it the most powerful hybrid tablet in the market. Some rumor also points out that Surface Pro 5 will sport a 4K resolution screen. If these rumors are true, then the delay of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date is really a good news to us tech lovers.