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Microsoft Stop Skype for TV Service, Fix Google Nexus 5 Performance


The news about Skype for TV and the Nexus 5 becomes a trending topic recently. According to reports, Microsoft stopped support for application service Skype for TV. This termination will take effect in June. Reported by The Verge, the cessation of support for this application applies to television with the brand Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, Philips and others. Through the support page on the official website of Skype, Microsoft also mentions some TV manufacturers will also eliminate the application Skype for TV of some or all of their television production models.

Microsoft calls, the development and penetration of mobile devices are rapidly becoming the reason Skype for TV application changes. Now, more and more users are accessing Skype through mobile devices, even when you are in the family room or TV room. It is also called Microsoft shifting priorities and focus on presenting the best user experience in the most popular platform in the community.

Google will fix Nexus 5 by releasing new update

Meanwhile, news coming from Silicon Valley, Google reportedly will launch a software update for Nexus 5X this month. This software update is intended to fix the problems complained of by the performance of these devices. As reported by The Verge, in addition to improving performance, the update also to fix the problems experienced by WiFi and Bluetooth features on the Nexus 5X.


However, Google does not describe in detail the performance problems that will be corrected in this update. Some users expect Google’s update will improve the performance of the camera is rated slow on this smart phone. Some users refer to often difficulties when accessing the camera Nexus 5X. Smartphone camera is slow when it opened, and often causes the phone screen is locked.

Google claimed, has started to distribute these updates, and look forward to helping Nexus 5X get better ratings from the public. Google targets Nexus 5X as an affordable device armed with good specifications and offers a relatively good performance.

As a user of Skype for TV, you do not have to worry because there are other services as a replacement for Microsoft. By installing Linux or Ubuntu on your computer, you can now enjoy cheap and great service from SkypeTV. All the elements, especially the provision of allotments at Microsoft that in fact already withdrew their support. You have to keep standing even if they do not help you to stay afloat. But we are sure you will keep free escape from the shadow of Microsoft.