Microsoft Releases Gears of Wars 4 Trailer


Game series Gears of War 4 will be released at the end of 2016. Although relatively long time, Microsoft apparently could not wait to spit graphics resolution and frame rate are displayed from its shooter game that. From what is described the producer, Rod Fergusson, note that Gears of War would appear to 1080p resolution on Xbox One. As for the frame rate is at 30 fps and 60 fps for the campaign when playing multiplayer.

Not only technical information on the spit, in an interview with Game Informer Fergusson spoke about the possibility of his game will stop by on PC. Although not able to ascertain, quoted from Gamespot, Thursday (10/03/2016), Fergusson simply answered with the phrase ‘possible’. When viewed from Microsoft’s plans to develop the ecosystem between the console and PC, there is the possibility of Gears of War 4 stopped by the PC. Microsoft has previously also brought Gears of War Ultimate Edition not only to Xbox One, but also to the PC.

Even the Xbox One game is ready for release, such as Quantum Break, Recore, and the Sea of Thieves also reportedly ready to entertain the gamer PC. GoW 4 will release in the fall of 2016 or around the end of 2016. So that gamers do not wait too long stale, Microsoft plans to Beta test held in June 2016.

Different from the Gears of War 4, is the female character in this game. Although it is not mentioned whether the future of the female characters will be playable, but those changes would bring fresh wind to the players Gears of War. Not only that, Gear of War 4 with characters that amounted to only two people, in contrast to previous games amounting to four people. The atmosphere feels increasingly tense and attended with new monsters.


One that makes Gears of War 4 is different is the scene of a very strong storm to be able to knock down buildings and bridges. Nevertheless, until now unknown whether the storm will be able to affect the gameplay as a whole or not. Gears of War 4 will be available exclusively for Xbox One release date is still a secret.

We are sure the fans GoW 4 would have lost patience for a taste of adventure with their hero characters. With interesting displays, high-quality graphic detail, gamers really spoiled with quality treats. Moreover GoW is indeed one game with exciting gameplay that gamers more interested. Gears of War 4 is coming soon in December 2016.