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Microsoft Office 2016: Easier to Use, Catchy Looking and Complete Feature


Microsoft to bring back the latest version of one of their products, Microsoft Office 2016, the latest version of this office, Microsoft brings a different focus than the previous version, which is Office 2016. Armed with a few differences, Microsoft offers the convenience of a side that is also different in Office 2016. one difference is the absence of software usage restrictions, which previously could only be used on the PC. In Office 2016, Microsoft offers the ease of deploying and using Office features on your mobile device.

Unlike the Office 2013 that is more focused on the storage of documents in the cloud and introduces some improved touch features, Office 2016 is designed to bring the ease of sharing documents across devices. Microsoft Office 2016 also brings a fully cloud utilization. Another difference is also evident from the look of each of the features of Office, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint or PDF. In Office 2016, the look is more colorful than the version 2013. Microsoft provides several color options that can be selected to be able to change the color of the menu bar at the top of the document. In addition to color, Microsoft also provides a variety of backgrounds to decorate the bar menu features Office.

Microsoft also pinning function Tell Me on a menu of Office 2016, such as Word and Excel. In Word, this function will show you a shortcut to a function or a menu in accordance with any questions you have specified in the function column. For example, the function will display the “add chart” if you listed the question “how do i insert a chart”. While in Excel, this function will take you directly to the command in question, not only shows the location of the command.


Another feature is a key differentiator from previous versions of Office 2016 is co-authoring in real time. This feature lets you create documents with colleagues from their respective computers. This feature can be enjoyed on the Word version of the desktop, and lets you see things that are typed by a colleague directly. However, to take advantage of this feature, both you and your partner must use Microsoft Office 2016 and save a document in a Microsoft cloud service. Microsoft also brings Bing to better utilization in Word in Office 2016. Through smart lookup feature, you can look for it on a document or email, or search for the meaning of the phrase. In addition, Microsoft Word does not equip with a dictionary and will ask to download the service in accordance with the detected language is when you start to write a few sentences.

In addition to the features Tell Me, Microsoft also provided him with the ability to change color and add a background as well as six new chart types, including treemaps, sunbursts, and waterfall. Uniquely, in addition can add photos like an Excel spreadsheet, now available also the option Pivot charts and 3D Maps on the Insert menu. Pivot chart’s presence brings the ease of combining data from different sources. Microsoft Office 2016 is indeed opt for the professional market.