Marshmallow Rom For Nokia XL Update Tutorial


The Marshmallow Rom For Nokia XL update is available to download. It won’t break warranty as this ROM is official. Just follow simple steps in this article once you have downloaded and updated the ROM into your device. Known bugs are absent at this moment but you can report any bug or error if you find any so the developer can work on the issues. There are many phone and tablet brands that have been developed for the Marshmallow ROMs. User can enjoy fun and easy experience after download and use this ROM. Smartphone will run smooth and as it fixes some issues.

Marshmallow Rom For Nokia XL Steps

You can start your update of Marshmallow for your device by following these steps:

  1. Visit the website where you can find the download link and then download the rom.
  2. The zip packages consist of 2 parts, the Part 1 and Part 2. Copy both to an SD Card of the device
  3. Reboot the device to enter Recovery mode and then tap Install Zip From SD Card
  4. Tap Choose Zip From SD Card and find the Marshmallow Rom For Nokia XL zip package file
  5. Tap Yes to start the installation and wait until it is complete
  6. Now install the GAPPS zip package with steps similar to the above.
  7. Wait until the GAPPS installation is complete.
  8. Restart your device and wait until the booting process finishes (you may have to wait up to 20 minutes)


Marshmallow Rom For Nokia XL Benefits

There are so many superior features offered with this new Marshmallow Rom For Nokia XL:

  1. Equal to 4x performance improvement.
  2. Up to 90 minutes extended device battery with a battery saver feature.
  3. Smoother, quicker, and more prevailing computing experience.
  4. MIPS cores base and ARM x86 supports 64-bit SoCs.
  5. Superior mobile graphics quality thanks to the OpenGL ES 3.1 Android extension pack.
  6. Realistic display, smooth control, familiar visual elements, and natural gesture offer easier navigation of the device.
  7. Complete, quicker and smart notifications by tapping the top of the display categorized according to the contacts and the message to the contacts.
  8. Lost device or data is protected by automatically activate the device thanks to a new encryption.
  9. Better protection against bugs and virus.
  10. Video technology of the Marshmallow Rom For Nokia XL is the latest with full support for HEVC that allow UHD 4K 10-bit video playback.

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