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Marshmallow Rom For Grand Prime Update Guide


The new Marshmallow Rom For Grand Prime update is available over the air on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime devices. Custom ROM provide Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update for smartphone and tablet. ROM (Read-Only Memory) has many versions both from custom ROM from third party or stock ROMs from companies. Manufacturers provide the latest version of Android for users with this new custom ROM. You can install a new operating system to your Android device by flashing a new ROM.

Marshmallow Rom For Grand Prime New Features

Installing Marshmallow Rom For Grand Prime update allows you to get:

Improved RAM Management.

Android Pay (Mobile payments) feature.

Fingerprint support.

Up to 90 minutes extended battery saver feature.

Smoother, quicker, and stronger computing experience.

MIPS-based cores, x86 and ARM 64-bit SoCs Support.

Easier to control your device due to natural, responsive gestures, user friendly visual elements and realistic graphics.

Smart ranking of notifications.

Tapping the top of the screen allows seeing all notifications in one place.

To help protect data, encryption is automatically turned on for new devices.

Far better protection from malware with SELinux for all applications.

Marshmallow Rom For Grand Prime Installation

Make sure the ADB tools are installed on your computer if you want to install using your PC. Download the Android SDK from Google’s developer website for the ADB tools. Set up the ADB SDK properly. Before you can update to Marshmallow Rom For Grand Prime, you may need your tablet or smartphone device get the Bug Fix Update installed if you find more than one download option.


First, make sure you check which version of Android you have. It is possible you are already on the latest version. Tap the Setting app and scroll down until you find the About Phone or About Tablet menu. You will find this in the general section if you have a tabbed settings menu. To understand which version of Android your device is running, refer to Android developer page. For example, 4.0.4 means your device is running Ice Cream Sandwich.

You may search for an update using a Wi-Fi connection for your device. The file size might be large so you may want download the Droid Over Wi-Fi software. In your device’s Setting menu, tap the Software Update to let your device to search available update. When an update is present, you will be prompted whether you want to install it right away. Install the new operating system in your device now if you tap yes. You can choose to download and install Marshmallow Rom For Grand Prime from third party.