Makeover Games That You Can Play via Online


For the women, playing makeover games is a favorite game that always wanted to try. Although the play is always pretty much the same way, giving the appropriate makeup in order to look beautiful, such as facial skin care and others, it is always fun. However, some games have different attractive side. It is because every game sees the varied beauty salon. If you love to play games of this category, the following recommends some games that you can play online.

In this makeover games, your task is to dress the models, ranging from skin care, hair and dresses that suited him. There are 3 stages that you will do in dressing this model. Ranging from skin care such as facials and give them makeup to match. Then her hair, you nicely cut it with the style that they want or coloring. The last is wearing a beautiful dress. To provide the service desired by the visitors, there will be four choices in each category of beauty treatments, except for the dress. From the four options, only one is preferred by customer. In the first level, you will dress the 3 models with a score that has been determined. At the next level, you have to dress up your customers that will be increased. Scores determined is increasing. If you can exceed a score that has been determined at each level, then you can use the score to upgrade the tools in your salon such as adding a make-up table, coffee machine, hair table, dressing room, or the contestant position.

The makeover games despite fairly easy but requires speed in play, because this game has been decisive score with a certain time to be had at every level. If you cannot keep score, then you have to repeat the game. How to play this game is to move customers to the appropriate place. You have to help the customers to select the items they like, like her hair, make-up, or skin care, and then collect the money and score as much as possible. Score that you earn determines whether you can continue to the next level or not. By doing so, you need to be nimble playing this game. In addition, you must also maintain cleanliness. Customer will not use the items they want, if the place is a mess. The money you’ve collected can be used to upgrade the tools in your salon, like buying a coffee machine or a magazine so the customer is not saturated and left the salon while waiting. You can also buy additional items to earn more money. To lighten your work, you can hire a cleaning service to clean dirty items. Makeover games are really exciting.

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