MacBooks 3D XPoint – First 3D XPoint from MacBooks


MacBooks 3D XPoint – MacBooks recently announces the result of their collaboration in the last 10 years in developing a kind of new non-volatile memory. Since 25 years after the usage of NAND Flash, Macbooks have reached a stage where new memories of their creation, 3D XPoint, ready to be produced. To that end, the results of research for more than 10 years, the company successfully developed a new memory with speeds up to 1000x NAND, endurance of up to 1000x, and offers large capacity.

According to the concept of “ MacBooks 3D XPoint “, this memory can be prepared up to several layers as storage media with a capacity up to 10 times greater the size as succinctly existing today. Coupled with its high speed, the memory allows various quite difficult operations today because of memory limitations. This new type of memory will be tested this year with implementation in the final product that will be available in next year. Let’s see what the immediate implementation of this fast memory later.

They mention that this MacBooks 3D XPoint can be used as both a computer RAM as well as SSD. The companies said that the 3D XPoint is a major breakthrough in computer memory technology after NAND flash memory in 1989. 3D XPoint can read and write data thousands of times faster and more resilient when compared to NAND Flash memory used on SSD today. In addition, 3D XPoint also has a higher density, which means the same size. It is able to load more data. At the same time, 3D XPoint uses the same power as NAND Flash memory. It also has a price that is not much different. 3D XPoint is a different technology with Flash 3D technology used in the latest SSD from Micron. Currently, 3D XPoint still uses the PCI Express (PCIe) to be connected to a computer.

Although this is now referred as the PCIe bus expansion with the highest speed, but it seems a top speed of PCIe is still less compared to the speed of the existing potential of 3D XPoint. Therefore, to maximize the speed of 3D XPoint, apparently you need a motherboard with a completely new architecture. Super performance offered 3D XPoint surely will give the experience of better using computer especially in terms of playing game. Currently, 3D XPoint had been in the production phase. Next year, it will be tested by the selected few people. It will make different products based on the 3D technology of this XPoint. MacBooks 3D XPoint will be available in the market next year.