LG X Max Smartphone for Your Viewing Pleasure


LG’s Ideal Multimedia Phone X Max Launched

If you recall, LG X Max smartphone is not the first device of LG’s X series. LG has already got four handsets of the new X series smartphones out in the market: X Cam, X Screen, X Power and X Style. Now, X Max is launched along with X Style as LG’s newest smartphone for the X line up. To see how X Max different from its “siblings,” check out this review below.

The first two handsets, X Cam and X Screen were showcased early this year at the MWC 2016. Admittedly, these two options of LG smartphone sit as mid-range Android devices. Their specs are not really that impressive even though some fans of LG claim that they are good enough smartphones in the less expensive market. While the first two handsets of X smartphones by LG are sufficient enough to get by, the next four X series, included the LG X Max smartphone, are known for their respective higher-end attributes.

The second line up for LG’s X series, X Power and X Style, were introduced later in May. The X Power comes with quite a powerful battery for a 7.9mm thick smartphone. It is equipped with a 4,100mAh battery with fast charging capabilities. If you compare it with your average LG smartphones with a 2,800mAh battery, X Power’s battery has a longer life span, meaning the phone can run longer. While X Power is famous for its powerful battery, X Mach stands out for its speeds. Both the processing and wireless data sport faster speeds thanks to its speedy 1.8GHz processor. With the Category 9 LTE that works across different stretches of airwaves, X Mach has quite faster download speeds.


Now, the LG X Style and LG X Max smartphone are announced together in this mid year. LG X Style stands out for its design while LG X Max boasts of its large form. The first is known to feature a 5 inch HD display and pack a 2,100mAh battery. The latter, LG X Max, is known to be the ideal multimedia smartphone of LG. The manufacturer promises it to be a smartphone with “ a large display for an enhanced viewing experience.” Although the specs haven’t yet to be revealed, you can assume that LG X Max smartphone is equipped with higher-end attributes as it is said to be an ideal multimedia handset.