The Latest Sony Wearable Device will change Your Life


Sony has just released a video showing dealing with its latest Sony Wearable Device. The possibility of this new product has the code name of “N”. The only information obtained about these products, as quoted from wareable is that N will be designed without the need to grip (hands-free). Company from the State of Sakura is promising to transform the human experience of the audio and voice without the need to install on the ear.

In 1946 on May 7th, Sony was established. The company was originally named by the Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering which has 20 employees. Its first product was a rice cooker, along with the development of Sony bought the company that has its historical longer included Columbia Records (the oldest recording company, which is still there, founded in 1888). When Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo who are looking to develop the company name using the acronym that is nominally TTK, but they did not, because at that time the railway company of Tokyo Kyuko was known as TKK.

Sony initially selected from the combination of the Latin word which means root of sonic and sound, and the English word sonny which means small children. It can easily be combined into a group of children who have the energy and willpower to creative and innovative ideas that is not limited. At that time, Japanese companies feel strange using Roman letters mainly phonetic script used in the Japanese writing. Then formally it is adopted the name of Sony Corporation in 1958 as the company name. When the bank Mitsui sponsoring TTK has a strong feeling and a name such as Sony Electronic or Sony Teletech, Akio Morita did not want his company associated with any industry that ultimately Bandai chairman and President Masaru Ibuka gave his consent. Then, in 1988 Sony bought CBS (Columbia) Record of CBS and then gives the name of Sony Music Entertainment. In 2000 Sony employs 189700 employees with revenues of US $ 63 billion.


If observed carefully, a video on the Sony Wearable Device shows an indication that the product of N will be used around the neck. Much like the LG Tone headphones with neckband style, you can hear the sound like to hear the weather report before a female voice says “ready”. Another interesting point is the concept of N that will be the first project developed a new division of Sony, the Future Lab. This division was formed so that people can see a prototype of Sony’s product design from the initial phase. Then, they can provide feedback on how the product should be designed or designed. Just to note, three weeks ago Sony announced the Xperia Ear, Moto Hint, and Sony Xperia Eye wearable camera that can recognize voices and faces. The concept of Sony N (Sony Wearable Device) will be presented at the event called SXSW next week, along with other projects Future Lab.