My iPhone Won’t Turn On: Newbie Guide


If your iPhone won’t turn on, you do not need to worry and think of buying a new iPhone. Instead of saying “My iPhone won’t turn on” and do nothing, you need to examine the problem lies within it.  You need to try several ways to make sure that your iPhone is dead or not.

my iPhone won’t turn on
my iPhone won’t turn on

My iPhone Won’t Turn On

My iPhone won’t turn on, what should I do? You need to examine the problems that may cause your iPhone to die. The first thing to check is the battery of your iPhone. Make sure that it has been charged and you are able to run the phone. To check it, you just need to plug your iPhone to the charger or plug it to your PC. Let it charge itself for at least 15 to 30 minutes.

If it is the problem, your iPhone will automatically turned on or you need to turn it on manually by holding the power button. If you think that your phone is running out of battery and you have charged it but it does not want to turn on, the problem may lies within the cable of the charger. Try to use another cable to check your iPhone.

If your iPhone still does not want to turn on, you need to hard reset it. If you do the hard reset, it will not affect your data, but it will clear the device’s memory. To do it, you just need to hold the Power button and Home button at the same time for at least 10 seconds. If it does not work, try to hold it for a little longer for 20 to 30 seconds. If it works, the shut-down slider will appear on the screen and you just need to keep holding the button. But if the slider does not appear, then your iPhone will not turn on.

If you face this state, you need to do the Factory Reset, but it will erase all of your data like the first time you buy it. To do it, you need to connect your iPhone with the cable and hold the Home button. While holding it, you need to connect the other side of the cable to your PC. iTunes will be opened and let you to restore your iPhone.

This “my iPhone won’t turn on” problem is easy to solve, the key here is being patience. If the previous solutions won’t do, you need to bring your iPhone to the service center or you will consider buying the new one.