iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode


If your iPhone stuck in Headphone mode, but you are sure that your iPhone is not connected to any headphone, don’t worry. Some other time,it displays the Headphone mode and your iPhone does not make any sound. Do not get panic; this kind of problem can be easily identified.

iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode

There are some problems that can cause your iPhone stuck in Headphone mode. Mostly, the problems are with the headphone jack itself, meaning that the problems are with the hardware, not the software.

To make sure that it is the hardware problem, you need to restart your iPhone by turning it off and on again. Hold the Power button and wait until the screen goes completely dark, and turn it on by holding the button again until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

iPhone stuck in Headphone mode
iPhone stuck in Headphone mode

If your iPhone still stuck in Headphone mode, it can be said that the problem is with the hardware. The possible problems with the hardware are dirt that stuck on your headphone jack, and your iPhone thinks that the headphone is plugged, or maybe the headphone jack itself is damaged.

The thing that you need to do is looking into the headphone jack using a flashlight.  Examine whether there are dirt stuck in your headphone jack or not. You can try to poke the dirt, but it is not suggested since the headphone jack will be more damaged.

Then, what to do when you face this kind of problem? Actually, there are no solutions for this problem since Apple Stores do not have a certain tool to remove dirt from the headphone jack. This kind of action can be risky and may put more damage to your headphone jack.

Another thing that can cause your headphone jack to stop working is because the water damage. Some people will not know how this kind of problem occurred, but in most investigation, the problem is caused when you use your iPhone to listen to music when you are working out. The sweat running down through the headphone cable and it gets inside the headphone jack and cause the iPhone stuck in Headphone mode.

If your iPhone stuck in Headphone mode, the only solution is to get it repaired. The solution given by the Apple Store is to replace the entire iPhone into the new one. Moreover, if the dirt gets stuck in your headphone jack, it won’t cover the warranty and it will be pretty expensive to get it repaired.