iPhone 7C Will Be On Process in 2016, the Next Gen of 5C


Although the amounted sales of the iPhone 5C can not be said so great, but it did not stop Apple to work on the successor of the iPhone 5C. But it is not iPhone 6C that will appear later, it is the iPhone 7C that is touted as the successor. Whatever, it was rumored that Apple is getting ready to produce it. So let’s just say that the newest generation of Apple iPhone will be named as iPhone 7C.

Apple is working on the successor to the iPhone 5C. Cheap version of Apple’s latest smartphone called the iPhone 7C, originally called the iPhone 6C, began to unfold more, but still slowly leaked specifications. The report quoted from technology site GArena, claiming that the iPhone 7C will have the same size as the iPhone 5C. If this information is correct, the size of the iPhone 7C is 124.4 x 59.2 x 9 mm. In conjunction, the two may look exactly the same. This similarity seemed to confirm that Apple wants to create a 4-inch iPhone.

To make affordable versions of the iPhone, a number of premium features such as 3D Touch will usually be omitted. For the iPhone 7C, Apple reportedly will immerse Touch ID and support Apple Pay, considering Apple is expanding the reach of these services in the United States. Unlike the iPhone 5C which was wrapped in plastic, 7C iPhone will use a casing made of metal with a wide selection of colors. 1,642 mAh battery capacity is estimated that Apple deemed enough to be used all day.


Information sourced from Chinese media said Apple had completed a small-scale trial production. The trial production went smoothly without any problems. Along with that, there is also news that Apple has started to get ready to mass produce its latest smartphones. The source also mentions, mass production has to be done for Apple 7C iPhone\ in January 2016. That is, only a few days away from now. However, this prediction is rather dubious. Because Apple frequently releases new smartphones around September. Plus, if Apple launched as iPhone 7C, it felt like overtaking iPhone 7 itself. More sense if Apple released simultaneously with the iPhone 7.

Unfortunately there is still a little glimpse of the specifications, there is only information about battery capacity 1642 mAh. About the price tag, many of which assume the iPhone 7C will be valued in the range of USD 400 to USD 500 to unlock condition. There are no estimates about the price. Yet another source of launch, Apple will be set in the range starting from USD 400. you can not wait to enjoy the sophistication of the iPhone?

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