Iphone 6 Plus Vs Note 4: Gadget Reviews


Comparing iPhone 6 plus vs Note 4– might take longer than you expected. Both products are head to head in terms of the specification. In order to find the winning team, one must review deeper to the details, instead of hovering on the surface. Small details might be the main reason for you to choose one product over another.

iPhone 6 Plus Vs Note 4

The best way to find a fair comparison is by listing the specification and how it works for each product. This trick should be applied particularly to measure the differences between iPhone 6 plus vs Note 4.

The Screen

iPhone 6 Plus is the first product from Apple that plays with the big screen. Almost all the previous products are framed within a small screen. Samsung, on the other hand, is an expert in big screen phones. This battle has only one clear winner: Samsung.

iPhone 6 plus vs Note 4
iPhone 6 plus vs Note 4

It is not only about the 5.7 inches screen, but also the screen technologies. iPhone 6 plus with its 5.5 inches screen still covers LCD function, while Samsung has brought Super AMOLED Screen for its users.

The Speaker

To tell the truth, the other brands could beat these two rivals in terms on sound quality. Apple installs the speaker in the usual place: bottom edge. Samsung follows similar footstep by offering the speaker in the back of the phone. It seems that both products puts the function of a loud speaker only during a phone call. If you want to enjoy music, using earphones or headset would be preferable.

The Software

Apple and Samsung run after different goals for this aspect. iPhone 6 plus is built within user friendly guide, taking its users to short period of learning. Since several default programs will take up the internal storage, you would be happy to find that almost all applications are useful and maximize your experience.

Samsung has different concept. While cutting all the less favorite applications, the manufacturer installs more decoration features which also get less attention from the users. If you like quirky feature like displaying multiple tabs at once, then Samsung Note 4 is made for you.

The rivalry of two phones is not determined by the time of release. Being introduced to the market for months doesn’t mean that it has the head start. The way each feature perform is the main focus of any review articles. After reading all the points presented, have you decided the winner of iPhone 6 plus vs Note 4?