iPhone 5SE Review: Be ready for New Sensation


It has recently been circulated the leaked specs of iPhone 5SE review or previously touted as iPhone 4 inches. This smartphone looks carry similar specifications to the iPhone 6 with cuts in various sectors. iPhone 5SE reportedly will come with a 4-inch touch screen with a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels that still uses In-Plane Switching panel technology with a density of 326 pixels per inch screen. iPhone 5SE screen is likely protected by Ion glass with coating. Apple has announced the arrival of their new smartphone flagship. It is not the successor of the iPhone 6 which turns out to be launched by large companies such as Google. Apple just released a new smartphone with a screen size of 4 inches and named iPhone 5SE.

This smartphone is quite unique because it is another variant of the iPhone 5SE review, but carries the design and style of the iPhone 6. The iPhone 5SE specification is also quite powerful and is above the iPhone 5s. From the information circulating in the GSM arena, price of iPhone 5SE is around $ 500. Most likely it will be marketed to the homeland in the third quarter. It is because new iPhone 5SE will be released March 2016. Well for those who are curious to know about iPhone 5SE, below is a preview that we serve for you.

The first is the design. Although Apple has not officially announced iPhone 5SE review form explicitly, but from leaks that we received, Apple’s latest smartphone will carry a 4-inch IPS-type with a resolution of 1136 × 640 pixels. iPhone screen has a screen density of 326 ppi (pixels per inch) which is likely to be protected by Ion Strengthened glass and coated well with coating that will protect it from scratches. The second is about engines and performance. Meanwhile, in the performance of the iPhone 5SE sector is quite capable armed with Apple A8 processor quad core manifold 64 bit.


The camera is also quite capable armed with a main camera of 8 MP which has a 1.5 micro sensor pixels. For front camera, iPhone 5SE adopts 2 MP of camera. The result of this 5SE iPhone photo is maximal because it comes with autofocus feature, and sensor of EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization). For memory storage, iPhone 5SE has 16 GB ROM. The power requirement of iPhone 5SE is quite capable. A battery of 1650 mAh is prepared that can last all day. Originally, Apple’s latest smartphone will be launched to the market on next March. iPhone 5SE review.