iOS 10 Release Date and Updated News


Apple Addressing the lack of Storage Issue through iOS 10

The latest iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 10, was unveiled at WWDC 2016. The iOS 10 release date is due this fall, and people are definitely expecting it. We know that it will be the start of major changes on our phone and tablet, but apparently, there is some updated news coming from the huge tech company. Let’s check it out below.

Fortunately, the updated news is not about the iOS 10 release date. Until now, the stable and final version of iOS 10 is still supposed to launch in September this year, alongside the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. So, we don’t have to worry about waiting much longer. Apparently, the news is about confirmation on Apple’s addressing its old issue of the lack of storage in the developer devices. The report reveals that iOS 10 will come with extra capacity and lack of storage will no longer be a problem.

As we have heard (or experienced) it many times before, Apple devices tend to lack of storage, and many Apple customers won’t let the company hear the end to it. Apple has tried, though, to address the issue by unveiling iOS 9, and they are still trying now by unveiling iOS 10. When announcing iOS 10 release date, Apple said that iOS 10 has the ability to remove the built-in apps. The news was definitely welcomed by Apple consumers—but don’t get ahead of ourselves. Craig Federighi, chief of Apple software, spoke to the public to make a clarification regarding the announcement:


“It removes the home screen icon, user data and some behind-the-scene stuff that adds links to each app, but the core of the removed app remains on the phone.” Federighi also stated that the iOS 10 devices’ built-in apps will amount only about 150 MB, meaning that they do not negatively impact the devices’ performance so much.

It turns out that the Apple built-in apps could not be totally removed from the devices. Well, that still makes sense; at least it will be more convenient for the customers. We will get to remove the built-in apps that we do not need, hence the extra space, and we only need to visit the Apple Store to activate those apps back. Now that it is all cleared out, we only need to wait a little more for the iOS 10 release date.