How to Install Windows 10 On SSD: Easy Guide


Right after you slip the new hard disk to your bag, a slight worry about how to install windows 10 on SSD might hit your mind. Compared to the complicated steps in data cleaning, you could choose the one with simpler instruction. No doubt, this option would give another satisfying result.

How To Install Windows 10 On SSD for A Complete Noob

If you think that you only need your computer or laptop to install Windows 10 on SSD, it is wrong. Aside from the device, you need to install another application as aid. The first rule in “how to install windows 10 on SSD” includes stable connection, too.

how to install windows 10 on SSD the easier way
how to install windows 10 on SSD the easier way

Install Partition Application

As mentioned previously, you are going to need new application to install Windows. It is not just any application, but a partition master. This kind of additional extension helps to build an imaginary wall inside the SSD. There are a lot of free applications available online. Pick the one that suits your criteria,

Launch The Application

Although you have one favorite application, it might not work as you expected. Run the application, and see whether the buttons can do their own function. Then go to Wizard, and click “Migrate OS to SSD/HDD. If the current application is not suitable, then go download the new one.

Pull The Line

Once you are directed to the separator first page, put a thick or simply click the SSD you want to work with. Now the system already sets its focus on your SSD only. There might be several partitions from the manufacturer. To remove these lines, click “yes” when the option to “remove” appears.

The next step is to re-size the partition area. It will give your Windows 10 a proper space to stay. If you use the initial partition, there might be not enough space. Forcing to move the OS program will only gives you a fail. Click OK after you are done with the resizing process.

Now you can hit “apply” button to give permission for the migration from HDD to your new SSD. Wait patiently until the data transfer is finished. Your SSD is ready to use! Don’t forget to close the application, too.

One good news from windows operating system is the option to upgrade your device to the latest version. Even though it takes several steps to complete, the result is wort to try. Separate the space from the existing setting, then proceed the with the activation setting. That is how to install windows 10 on SSD in the easier way.