Information of Wondering Apple iWatch Price


Apple iWatch, this product gives you the latest innovation for gadget fans. The launch of this gadget is already in 2014. No doubt that gadget is more and more in demand by everyone, with their new gadgets that give uses and benefits to you. Apple iWatch price does have its good specifications. Smartwatch generation owned by Apple company compete with Apple iWatch products.

Apple iWatch is smart watches as well as the maximum sophistication. RAM provides easy storage while the application is running. All sectors of the smartwatch is delivering innovation for those who always want to exist. Apple iWatch is supported with a resolution of 1.9 MP camera along with features that support the BSI sensor, and auto focus. This feature is enough to give better results according to Apple iWatch price.

Apple iWatch is one of the competitors of Samsung Gear S. Apple iWatch specs have limitations, but not inferior to Samsung gear S. Apple iWatch supports an internal memory with a capacity of 16GB. With the large internal memory storage of applications and data you have more data accommodation by this smartwatch. Apple iWatch also supports Bluetooth for data transfer from smartwatch to smartphone that you have. Apple iWatch screen only supports QVGA screen size with a resolution of 1.8-inch, 240 × 320 pixels, the screen size is smaller. Not alleged that Apple iWatch price also supports Wi-Fi that makes it easy to connect with Wi-Fi that may be presented in your home. Because all smartphones already supports Wi-Fi for easy connection to the Internet and as a result the performance of the smartphone and smartwatch are more leverage.


The advantages and disadvantages must belong to any electronics, in this smartwatch that provides a larger internal memory that Apple iWatch. Smatwatch is designed specifically for those who want to use to the fullest with the requirement that you want. By helping the standard watches, it is easier for those who have a condition that is not allowed to issue a smartphone that you have. Most smartphones size is 4-6 inches. It is less simple if used for hiking and other activities. Apple iWatch has the advantages of each smartwatch with the specification that has been introduced for all Apple iWatch superior in storability, and on-screen display. Excellence of every electronic product definitely delivers more benefits to your interests. Apple iWatch price indeed is very wondering by many people. Price for Apple iWatch is around Rp 1,600,000. Each product has a different price for the specification listed on the Apple iWatch. In these prices may change at any time because each area has a different price, especially big cities that have higher taxes. The price is also expensive.