Huawei’s New Project: Huawei with Own Mobile OS


The company’s developing its own mobile OS just in case things go south with Google

Many were surprised when the latest news coming from Huawei indicated that the company is currently building its own OS. Huawei with own mobile OS is reportedly being a confidential project that aims lower dependence on Google’s OS. Apparently, the telecommunication giant is indeed building its own alternative OS as a contingency measure, as reported by some domestic news portal.

According to a report from The Information, Huawei Huawei is reportedly working toward making its own mobile operating system just in case its relationship with Google turns sour. Huawei wants to lower its reliance on Google’s Android OS, avoiding having to totally dependent on Google. It actually makes sense since Google once stated that it hopes to provide all users with Android OS updates in a more timely manner, but OEMs such as Samsung and Huawei are making this hard to happen. If Google were to impose stricter regulations on its Android OS updates, then Samsung and Huawei would really have it hard. So, coming up with an alternative OS is a logical backup plan—at least that’s what Samsung does.

Some “people briefed about the project” told The Information that Huawei is concerned what might happen should Google changes the management model of its Android OS. If that were to happen, restricting what OEMs could do with the platform, and Google were to end its relationship with Huawei, then things could really go south for Huawei. The company’s executives want to avoid these at all costs, so Huawei with own mobile OS project is started as a fallback option.

Huawei’s actually got another reason for developing its own mobile OS. The company is known to have been working hard to make its handsets acceptable in Western market. It hopes that the new Huawei with own mobile OS will become more palatable for western audience so that it can compete on the US market. According to The Information, the changes in Huawei’s future phone could include some redesigned icons, addition of an app drawer and a new color palette.

The world’s third-largest manufacturer reportedly has a team developing a new OS in Scandinavia. Huawei has hired some former Nokia employees and the ex-Apple designer Abigail Brody to work on the new skin for Huawei’s future phone. So, are you excited in Huawei with own mobile OS?