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How to Easily Install Nokia XL Marshmallow ROM


Nokia XL is one of the phones that Nokia released as their way to capture the market after failing miserably with Windows Phone. Released in 2014, this phone is actually pretty basic with only Snapdragon S4 Play used to run Android Jelly Bean. While the users can’t change the CPU of the phone, you can actually install Nokia XL Marshmallow ROM for this and change your OS to Android 6.0.

Some advanced features that this update will bring includes performance improvements that makes your phone runs up to 40 times faster than before. Meanwhile, navigation on Nokia XL will also be smoother with better graphic thanks to OpenGL improvements that are laid in it. Not only that, the appearance will improve a lot, which is very important considering the low resolution this phone has.

Before you try to install Nokia XL Marshmallow ROM on your phone, you have to make sure that you have backed up you data beforehand. This is to avoid losing all important data if the flashing fails. Meanwhile, your phone battery should also be adequate to ensure the process can run smoothly. Also, only download ROM files from sources that you trust and have gained good reviews from many users.

To start the process, you can place the ROM files that you need to install inside the root folder of your SD card. Download and install ROM manager from Google Play and also install clockwork mod recovery app. If you can’t download ROM files with your phone, use your data cable to connect your phone to a PC.


Then, restart your phone by getting into recovery mode. With the phone connected, you will be able to clean data from your phone, including Dalvik Cache. After that, go back to the main menu in the recovery mode, choose to install the Nokia XL Marshmallow ROM. The phone will restart after the process is done and you can now enjoy Android 6.0 on your Nokia XL.

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