Hitman Go will be presented for PCs with DirectX 12, PS4 and Xbox


Who does not know and do not know with this one game? Yes it is a Go Hitman, Hitman is a game genre Action – Adventure Stealth made by developer IO Interactive. This game tells the story of Agent 47 (usually referred to as “47” or “Mr. 47”) which is an organization cloned assassin hired to kill people who are included in the target prey like killing all four crime bosses who control the world, killing Doctor Kovacs and kill Ort – Meyer and agents 47 this also works for the International Secret Agency Contract or ICA under the control / supervision Diana Burnwood.

The good news for you is waiting in the PC game Hitman Go. More recently there are leaks of information that the action-stealth game is certain to come with support for DirectX 12 at launch on 11 March. According to information leaked by PC Gamer Weekender, support for DirectX 12 will bring the performance and quality of the graphics are better than the previous generation DirectX.

Some of the increase mentioned by Square Enix in support DirectX 12 at this time homemade game include:

– Improved performance multithreading

– Improved performance in CPU process

– Improved performance in use in laptop

– Support for Asynchronous Compute in GPU technology AMD


Square Enix also explained that they would really take advantage of the technology is presented in DirectX 12. Note that DirectX 12 is the latest graphics technologies presented by Microsoft in Windows 10. The technology is claimed to be able to present a much better performance than DirectX 11 Game other supported DirectX 12 is the Ashes of the Singularity.

Hitman GO Definitive Edition bring improved graphics of Hitman GO mobile version of the content remains the same. The owner of PC and console PS4 and PS Vita can buy Hitman GO Definitive Edition for $ 7.99 (about Rp107.000) on February 23 next guys. We wait for its presence, whether they were able to answer our expectations as a fan or just an excuse to put a unique graphical capabilities. During this time the graphics power of the reason why the Hitman be an option.

You would like to start an adventure together people to organize any big plans.Do you ready to get it? Maybe you will be surprised for some time. Plan your arrival will be preceded by choosing Hitman Go as an option.