Having Fun Online Games to Kill Boring Time: Here’s the List


Fun online games is one kind of computer games that utilize computer network media either LAN or internet. Usually the online game is provided as an additional service from online service providers, or can be accessed directly through the systems supplied from companies that provide such games. Online game has many types, ranging from simple text based games to games that use complex graphs and form the virtual world that is occupied by many players at once.

Fun online games in the world every year more increases. Several new online game publishers release theirs to keep and add to the game players in the world. In this year, there are already quite a lot of online games released by the publisher in the world ranging from the popular to the new publisher that is trying to release their version of online games in the world. Online game in this year that is quite attractive is Point Blank. Since his move to Garena, the number of gamers who play the game of Point Blank as mentioned online games is great as it cannot be cheated and very fun. Moreover, here are some other online games.


Fiesta Online is a fun online game. This online game is from Lyto publisher of a genre MMORPG games online by presenting a game with anime-style characters. It has a system like most MMORPG games such as quests, hunting, Guild, Class, and etc. Fiesta Online Game has more than 5 characters which can be used. They are one character to fight with the ability to melee attacks, magic attacks with the ability of Mage, Cleric with healing abilities, Archer with distance attacks by using a bow and arrow, and Trickster with fast melee attack. Fiesta Online Game also features the Wedding to get married in the game between fellow gamers of Fiesta Online. Besides, you may already be familiar with Point Blank, but with a move to Garena then this game can be enjoyed again without the cheat. This one is never lost fans, proven that online game of Point Blank is still in demand and even more players. Game of Point Blank FPS genre is still the main choice although many other FPS genre games are recently released from another publisher. This Point Blank is released even during the CBT has more players and sufficient to meet the server. Garena will also host major events nationwide for its fun online game called Point Blank.

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